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Ми проводимо безкоштовні щотижневі онлайн-воркшопи з експертами німецької мови, підтримуємо вчителів навчальними матеріалами та організовуємо конкурси німецькою мовою для українських учнів.

We aim to promote the intercultural development of Ukrainian pupils and give them access to high-quality education. We also support all German teachers from Ukrainian state schools who do not have access to a German-speaking environment, regardless of the focus and location of their school or their language level, and strengthen pedagogical cooperation between Ukraine and Germany. During Russia's full-scale war of aggression against Ukraine, we are also involved in organizing and implementing humanitarian aid transports to Ukraine.

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Humanitäre Hilfe

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    Our Story

    The initiative developed from the voluntary work of Ms. Oksana Lustenhouwer, as part of the student exchange projects between Ukraine and Germany and her own assessment of the needs of German teachers as a non-native speaking DaF lecturer, as well as of Mr. Wolfgang Schubert, as part of a three-week SES assignment (Senior Expert Service, Stiftung der deutschen Wirtschaft) at more than ten Ukrainian schools in a selected rural region. The new experiences have been reflected in the founding of an association and have led to numerous new projects.


    Every year, our team organizes a competition in German language for Ukrainian pupils. It is important to us that Ukrainian students are motivated to learn German and other foreign languages and use their knowledge not only in the classroom. By participating in our competitions, they deal with globally important topics and feel part of the international education system.

    We welcome all contributions. Follow us on Facebook to make sure you don't miss any information or announcements.

    AIM (everything is possible)

    Due to the war, a large part of school education in Ukraine takes place online. Not every Ukrainian family can afford to buy a laptop, computer, netbook, or tablet to provide their children with quality distance learning. But we cannot allow the war to destroy the future of our children. At the same time, today's students are the future of Ukraine. Help us to create equal conditions for distance learning for all Ukrainian students. Please transfer your monetary contribution to our account or contact us (info@freundschaftkkgrenzen.com) if you can donate new or used but functional working equipment.

      Online workshops for Ukrainian German-language teachers and schoolchildren

      We bring German teachers from Germany and Ukraine closer together. In a friendly environment, you can improve your German language skills and intercultural competence and receive tools for the further development of your teaching skills. We will deal with the following aspects, for example: Grammar, conversation on regional topics, idiomatic expressions, methods in DaF teaching and training.

      The workshop leaders are DaF experts with many years of experience at German universities and schools. Our teachers also offer exciting workshops in German for Ukrainian students.

      Participation is free of charge.

      Would you like us to share our experience with you? Or would you like us to organize a workshop for your students?

      Then send us a



      Oksana Vertesh-Hapak from Ushhorod

      I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Wolfgang Schubert and Mr. Norbert Krines for the great, content-rich workshops. I discovered a lot of interesting and new things for myself. Mr. Schubert suggests current and interesting texts (B2-C1) for reading comprehension, which I can simplify (to level A2-B1) and teach in my own German lessons.

      Grammar with Mr. Krines is very interesting. He gives various examples that help us to better understand different grammatical phenomena.

      Many thanks to Mrs. Oksana Lustenhouwer, who is happy to organise everything.

      Liubov Melenevych from Hrabiv

      Now I would like to share my impressions of the workshops and their organisers. Mr. Wolfgang Schubert, Mr. Norbert Krines, Mrs. Oksana and the whole team "FkkG" are extremely kind, smart and tactful people who do great things for Ukrainians.

      Mr. Schubert always has extremely interesting and useful texts, he is a person who is extremely smart and friendly, he is interested in various topics: from music and conductors to charity events at Christmas.

      Mr. Norbert Krines is a person with a good sense of humour, so the grammar lessons are always interesting and easy to understand.

      Mrs. Oksana is a person who tries to help Ukrainians in every way, always supports and cares about everyone. The whole team "FkkG" consists of people with capital letters and even bigger hearts. Thank you all very much!

      Karina Turak from Velykyi Bereznyi

      I am happy to meet such positive personalities as Mr Wolfgang Schubert, Mr Norbert Krines, Mrs Oksana, who loves her homeland very much, and nice colleagues from different regions of Ukraine. Every workshop brings me a lot of joy and interesting information. I have a good opportunity to improve my German language skills.

      Mr. Schubert always prepares interesting and positive texts. He is a person with a big and good heart: always positive, wise and kind-hearted. Mr Krines has a personal, ingenious way of explaining German grammar. I am happy to participate in these workshops, especially in this difficult Corona time. I hope for further cooperation...

      Olena Buhaichuk from Lutsk

      The texts that we cover in FkkG workshops together with Mr Schubert always contain up-to-date information on the respective topics as well as regional aspects. They are not only relevant for the participants, but also for their students. The tasks for the texts include vocabulary with synonyms and idioms as well as questions to discuss.

      I would like to thank Mr Schubert and Ms. Oksana for such a great opportunity to take part in the workshops. Moreover, the workshop texts were a great help for me during my students' translation internship.

      Nadiia Rybchak from Swarychiv

      For us these workshops are a good experience and of course new acquaintances. Mr Schubert is a person with inexhaustible energy and rich ideas. He always chooses interesting and meaningful texts for us. Every time we discover a lot of new and unknown things on various current topics. This definitely helps us in our work.

      The workshops with Norbert Krines show that grammar is not boring, but can be interesting and exciting.

      Thank you very much for your work and support!!! Mrs Oksana and FkkG, thank you very much for such an opportunity!!!

      Iryna Karashchuk from Nikopol

      A heartfelt and very big thank you for this great project!!! I would like to compliment the whole "Friendship knows no borders" team!!! ALL of Mr Schubert's workshops are interesting, valuable, enriching, varied... Mr Krines delivers the material superbly! His way of guiding us through the content of the workshops in a structured and exciting way is certainly very appealing to all of us...

      I have been taking part in these workshops from the very beginning, I am motivated and feel confirmed on my path of further development. I take a lot with me and look forward to applying what I have learnt!!! Thank you again!!!

      Maryna Shovkun from Kharkiv

      Many thanks to Mr Wolfgang Schubert for interesting workshops and seminars and for the opportunity to improve our knowledge of the German language and culture - and not just to listen, but to work, discuss, explain and compare.

      I am delighted to have joined this team. Many thanks to the whole "Friendship knows no borders" team and Mrs. Lustenhouwer for this opportunity. I look forward to every Saturday. Special thanks to all my colleagues

      Кarina Beigelzimer from Odesa

      The workshops that Mr Schubert runs on a voluntary basis are very interesting. Various topics are dealt with in small groups. The small group size means that the interests of the participants can be better catered for.

      The conversation course is ideal for perfecting our language skills. Oral communication, vocabulary exercises, discussions, pronunciation and intonation are exciting focal points in the conversation course for teachers. Thank you very much!

      Zovynar Manasjan from Mankivka

      I would like to thank you for the opportunity to take part in the noble project Friendship knows no borders. I would also like to express my gratitude to Mr Schubert and Mr Krines who can turn every lesson into an exciting journey into the world of knowledge...

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      Our materials


        LEVEL (Living Experience Advancing Development Achievement) is a new project that involves setting up two jobs for talented Ukrainian students who are currently studying in Germany, do not have a scholarship and have already proved themselves to be very active and helpful volunteers. In addition to the salary, the NGO gives the student employees the freedom to develop their potential and gain valuable experience in the context of transnational intercultural projects. They are supported in important areas of their personal development: innovative strength, organisational skills, and independence. The project was made possible thanks to the Eberhardt Schöck Foundation.

        Humanitarian aid

        Like many other people and organisations, our team is helping Ukraine to survive the terrible time of war. As well as working on educational projects, we are collecting donations to buy life-saving medicines and tourniquets. We also find and send evacuation buses and cars, ambulances, refrigerated trucks, food and much more to Ukraine. Support Ukraine by making a monetary contribution to our account, or email us (info@freundschaftkkgrenzen.com) if you can help in any other way.

        you can find more information.


        Flag with signature of general Zaluzhny (December 2023)

        In the picture, General Valery Zaluzhny, the highest-ranking military officer of Ukraine, places his signature on the flag that we are holding! Today, we are announcing an "auction" to collect funds for evacuation vehicles and other life-saving items, such as blood-stilling tourniquets and medical supplies. This means that you have the opportunity to become the owner of the flag that was signed by a legend, by one of the symbols of the Ukrainian struggle for freedom and democracy. You can participate in the auction by donating funds with the reference "Zaluzhny" to our bank account.

        Our team

        Oksana Lustenhouwer
        Initiator and Chairwoman of the Organization
        Initiator und Chairman of the Organisation
        Project Mentor (LEVEL)

        Project Mentor (LEVEL)

        Cultural Advisor

        Cultural Advisor

        Cultural Advisor

        Developer of Teacher Training

        Developer of German Language Courses
        History Expert

        Public Administration Expert
        Intercultural Supporter
        Economic Expert

        JProf. Dr. Joep Lustenhouwer
        Economics Expert

        JProf. Dr. Tomasz
        Economics Expert

        Dr. habil Alexandra Avdeenko
        Economic Expert
        Dr. Tim
        Statistics Expert

        Economic Expert

        Dr. Tim
        Statistics Expert

        Dr. Tim
        Statistics Expert

        Dr. med. Alexander Moldavski
        Mental Health Expert

        Humanitarian Aid Expert

        Corporate Design Developer

        Web Developer

        Survey Designer

        Cultural Advisor

        Cultural Advisor

        Media Developer




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