Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

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Winter aid

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In addition to working on educational projects, we raise funds to purchase life-saving medications and tourniquets.

We also find and send evacuation buses and cars, ambulances, refrigerated trucks, food and much more to Ukraine. This video shows 9 evacuation buses that we handed over to Ukraine.

In total, we have already sent dozens of evacuation buses to Ukraine and keep sending them because there is a major shortage of evacuation vehicles and medical evacuation vehicles in Ukraine.

Since we all work on a purely voluntary basis, 100% of all humanitarian aid donations (i.e. without deducting overhead costs) are used for aid for Ukraine.

We further sent hundreds of generators, gas heaters, gas containers and power banks to schools, kindergartens, refugee centers, etc., which are highly needed every winter, as the temperatures in Ukraine can quickly drop to -20°C or below.

We also provide equipment to support the emergency services who are working around the clock to ensure that people have light and warmth again as quickly as possible after constant russian attacks.

In addition, we have procured tens of thousands of certified hemostatic tourniquets, dressing materials, medical syringes, needles, surgical equipment, blood containers, decompression needles, etc. for Ukraine.

We constantly receive up-to-date lists of needs because - through eight years of volunteering for Ukraine - we have well-established contacts with local hospitals, military hospitals, charities, and other institutions

One of the most important contacts for help for Ukraine is Father Bohdan Puszkar, the initiator of the Bamberg:UA association, of which some of us are members and co-founders. We would like to thank many NGOs, people, and institutions as well as the NEBO network for the wonderful collaboration.

A small visualization from one of our trips to Ukraine with humanitarian aid.

Warm news from the last warm weeks of 2022. First of all, more than 500 certified hemostatic tourniquets, five evacuation cars and two evacuation buses, as well as generators and medical and surgical equipment for Ukraine, plus basic supplies. Further good news concerns support for Ukrainian pupils, educational institutions, and centers that accept internally displaced people.

One of our autumn reports. Evacuation buses and cars, sleeping bags, hemostatic tourniquets, medical equipment, children's shoes and clothing, and generators, among others. Thank you for your support! We keep working!

Now we know for sure that nothing is impossible. Good intentions lead to good deeds. That's why, thanks to people's big hearts and their generous donations, we bought a fire truck for Ukraine. Thank you!

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